Twenty Four Hour Parsley People - 3 episode platform puzzle adventure released for the ZX Spectrum!

The Amstrad CPC has certainly had its fair share of fun games released this week, especially with so many available to download via the CPCRetroDev 2020 competition that's available to view here. Still if you don't have an Amstrad but a ZX Spectrum, you might be interested in this piece of news, as thanks to both Saberman and Minilop letting us know, we've been told you can now play the 3 episodic ZX Spectrum game of ' Twenty Four Hour Parsley People',

Although the story can be read on the main website, in terms of the main game however. Not only is Twenty Four Hour Parsley People a platform, puzzle adventure in three episodes, each introducing new items, interactive puzzles and device upgrades. But it has 76 unique screens full of awesome bunny adventure and puzzles, and you have the ability to change the music via a Jukebox. So yes certainly a game worth trying and more especially that episode 1 and 2 is free to play!

CREDITS: Team Minilop

  • Game code & graphics: Bruce Groves
  • Built with MPAGD by Jonathan Cauldwell
  • Custom MPAGD Engine: Jonathan Cauldwell
  • MPAGD Musicizer: David Saphier
  • Music: Mike Richmond
  • Artwork: Ric Lumb
  • Testing: Quantum Sheep, Stu Smith, Andre Leao
  • Spanish Translation: Javi Ortiz & Dario Ruellan
  • Portuguese Translation: Andre Leao

Links :1) Source  2) Video 

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