Garbagefield Saves Christmas - An unusual Sega Master System game by Zero X Diamond

While many of us are back in Lockdown and it feels as if Christmas was but a blip during these harsh times, I thought it best to post a new game to cheer everyone up called 'Garbagefield Saves Christmas' developed by Zero X Diamond. This game released before the eve, is a new game for the Sega Master System, which was created using CYOA as an adventure game whereby every decision matters!

According to the description, Garbagefield Saves Christmas is a graphical CYOA game for the Sega Master System that features over 365 unique images spread across dozens of wildly different endings.  The story is written with the intention of it being funny regardless of your experience, and was mainly developed with Joel's streams in mind as well as being relevant at any time of the year.

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