Stunt Car Mania - Fan based remake in the works of one of Geoff Crammonds finest games "Stunt Car Racer"

Of all the games to appear on the Amiga, Stunt Car Racer was one of the best stunt style racers and one of Geoff Crammonds finest games,  it had some of the craziest tracks ever with one of them being the ultimate track the "Ski Jump". Yet what made it so good was not just the feeling of speed, but the thrill of accelerating into the sky and coming back down with an almighty crack, especially if you ended up missing the track altogether. So you can probably see why I'm just that little bit excited today, as a fan by the name of Dangerous Dirk Interactive is remaking the game into 'Stunt Car Mania'.

According to the creator : Stunt Car Mania aims to be a modern take on the classic Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond and will be releasing for multiple systems in 2021, such as consoles and possibly the PC as well. Although it looks as if there's still a long way to go, you can check out the latest video above or (here) which shows a fully working suspension, new car physics, animated driver, different camera views, fully modelled track, weather & time of day system.

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