Nox Archaist - An RPG with inspirations to classic games such as the 80's Ultima now on GOG

Another retro heads up for you all, as thanks to the developers letting us know through Twitter we have been told 6502Workshop has released the eagerly awaited Apple II game of ' Nox Archaist ' for both Windows and MacOS as a digital download through GOG. For those of you who love the 1980's classics, will be pleased to learn that this an evolution of the classic fantasy games like Ultima, Bards Tale, and Wizardry.

As noted by the description : Nox Archaist is set in a sinister world ruled by sorcery and swords. Adventurers brave enough to explore Nox Archaist will encounter engaging NPCs and a vast storyline within a non-linear world. Hordes of vile enemies will block your path to fame and riches. Furthermore also according to the main website : Gamers will enjoy features like skills-driven character development and strategic turn-based combat scenarios which integrate with the game's storyline and push the boundaries of the Apple II platform.

Links :1) Website 2) GOG

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