Tapper - Arcade beer drinking classic on the Amiga gets a new musical update!

Great news has just appeared in our inbox from Saberman, as if you remember the classic game of 'Tapper'; a game by Marvin Glass and Associates released by Bally Midway, all those years ago in the Arcades in 1983, with a later port to systems such as the Amstrad,C64 and ZX Spectrum. Then as of today you can download the very latest work in progress update of the Arcade to Amiga port of Tapper!

Yes indeed if you loved playing that classic game, then Old_Bob has got you covered with this new version of 'Tapper' on the Commodore Amiga. As not only does it look to require an Amiga OCS with 1mb Chip Ram, but the game now has new sound effects and music played throughout the levels featured in this test download. So yes certainly a game worthy of a play through even if it's still being developed!

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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