YANGA - A great Puzzle game released for the ZX Spectrum by Serdjuk

Although I'm not usually a fan of puzzle games, even though I do feature them on occasion. We've just found out from Saberman, that Serdjuk has released his high quality ZX Spectrum puzzler called 'Yanga'; A game in which you play as Yanga and must rescue your true love Siggy from the evil clutches Darlock, who's willing to sacrifice her to become a powerful god.

In this lovely speccy game from Serdjuk, you must traverse each room connecting up the runes to reach the exit. What makes this game rather nice isn't just the fact the rooms are highly detailed, with a great soundtrack on the 128k version, but the levels are full of challenges as the runes although cursed, can only be joined together to clear the way to lift your curse. So would I recommend this game even though I don't like puzzle games? Yes certainly, it's very enjoyable!

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