Bean Vs The Animator - Blasting enemies in this upcoming Amiga Lightgun/Mouse action game!

Usually we are giving Amiga Bill the heads up, but this time as an exclusive to his cool Twitch stream, he has contacted us in regards to a rather awesome looking game called 'Bean Vs The Animator'. According to Amiga Bill, this is a new game which is coming to an Amiga near you at some point during 2021 that has a really strong vibe to classic Arcade Flash Gun based games such as Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

According to the review done by Mr Bill, Bean Vs The Animator is a Flash Gun and Mouse based Amiga game, running on either an Amiga 500 or 1200 with 1mb of ram. The full game will feature six kick ass weapons, 6 levels such as Space, The Moon Surface, The Sea and the Graveyard, an intro, two player support, and a wicked soundtrack to set the theme of the game. So look out for this one as it will be released this year via The Company for just five Dollars.

Links :1) Twitch

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