Puzzle Bobble - Arcade classic to the Amstrad gets a tease!

One of the most played games of all time. Puzzle Bobble has infuriated and thrilled us in equal measure on our home computers since its release around the year of 1994. Its appeal captures all age groups, and the fun is doubled with a brother, sister or friend playing to beat each others high score. So why is this game getting a mention on IRN? Well great news has appeared in our inbox, as today thanks to a heads up via @ClassicReplay, we've been told Puzzle Bobble is getting an Arcade conversion to the Amstrad CPC from Crazy Piri.

It isn't the first time these Bobbling duo have appeared on the Amstrad as a remake or Arcade like conversion, as way back in 2011 we also had the pleasure of playing CNG's Bubble Bobble; a fantastic remake which if you'd played the Arcade version, you owe it to yourselves to give it a download. As for Puzzle Bobble however, it looks simply stunning in the video above especially at 2:40 mins in, and from what we know so far will have the same levels as the Arcade, great music , graphics and gameplay!

Links :1) Discord 2) Video

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