Vaults of Nhyrmeth - A work in progress Atari XL/XE Dungeon Crawler gets a demo!

We haven't featured many Atari XL/XE crawlers this year, even though we have featured a number of Atari games, so to change all that here's a new Dungeon Crawling demo from clth that's available to download via AtariAge, it's Vaults of Nhyrmeth; a brand new Atari XL/XE release that was originally meant as a Christmas gift whereby you must traverse deep underground caverns, find items and fight strange beasts.

If you love Dungeon Crawlers such as Dungeon Master and want to play a fresh new experience on your Atari XL/XE then look no further than Vaults of Nhyrmeth. Sure it's just a demo, but it features a cliche fantasy plot, one level with several enemy types, inventory, stats and an automapping system, save options, sounds and finally a 48K Atari with floppy(or emulation) is required!

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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