Space Invaders Amiga - Classic Space Invaders gets another homebrew update on the Amiga

Another day is upon with even more Amiga news, as Saberman has just informed us that the homebrew version of Space Invaders, which is being developed by Havie using Blitz Basic, has just got another beta update. This game that's available to try out below, is being created with an aim to be as close as possible to the 1978 version, complete with nostalgic sound effects, a classic Marskilla's background, and all out wave blasting fun.

As we said before : Space Invaders by Havie comes as a highly recommended download for anyone who wants to relive the classic Arcade game on your Commodore Amiga. Sure it might not have new modes or snazzy effects, but this version doesn't need it! As when you play this game blasting enemy waves moving in a particular pattern which need to be defeated before they reach your ship, it will feel like your back in the 70's!

Links :1) Source  2) Download

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