MABUS MANIA - A challenging ZX Spectrum platformer with a chirpy soundtrack!

Another day and another ZX Spectrum game, as we've recently been informed via Saberman, that if you head on over to Hicks website you can download the latest version of his new ZX Spectrum game 'MABUS MANIA'; An Arcade platformer in which you need to recover all of the video games that have been thrown out by Mabus's wife after she decided to clean up the house.

Although I haven't had the chance to play this game, MABUS MANUA is a game that features not just multiple levels, with different themed areas such as woodlands, and a pretty waterfall, but it also features lovely animation, a chirpy sound track, different enemy types, and timed challenges as you must find all of his favorite video games before the time runs out, so good luck!

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