Knight Rider 77 - A simplistic yet challenging Amiga game via Luigi Recanatese

We've just had a double heads up today for new Amiga news, as both Saberman and Per Ola has just told us, that you can now download Luigi Recanatese's new Commodore Amiga racing game of 'Knight Rider 77'; a simple car racer reminiscent of late 70s games, which was written in Amiblitz 3.8.0 and is a hark back to the days of the TV show "Knight Rider"... Yes the music of Knight Rider does play in the game the further you race up the track!

In this game playing as the Knight Rider, you must traverse up the track while avoiding cars and extending your time to increase your points! The further you travel at speed and the less time spent smashing into cars will mean your score will be so much better. So beware not only will it be a game over if your damage reaches 00, but the track at times will also force you into a hard braking maneuver.

Requires: Amiga 500 with 1Mb RAM

Links :1) Source   2) Download 

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