Ghostbusters - Classic 1984 game of Ghostbusters is coming to the Intellivision

While many of you still remember and love to this day, the classic game of 'Ghostbusters'; a game based on the movie of the same name that was released on many different systems such as the Amstrad, C64 and ZX Spectrum. You'll be pleased to learn that if you have an Intellivision however and didn't get to enjoy that classic game, then we have found out that CM Intellivision Homebrews will be porting the game over as Ghost Busters + for the Intellivision.

Although it is still very early days for this game and we are unsure of a release date, in relation to the video however, it is now possible to capture ghosts on the street and also in front of buildings, there's a demonstration which shows different outcomes such as being slimmed, successful or streams crossed, and finally a new screen has been added with in transit information. And that's all we know so far, so when we do find out anything else, we will let you know asap!

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