Simon Dragon - A Double Dragon inspiration playable in your browser

Tuesday just gets better and better as another game has hit our news feeds and it's none other than Double Dragon, or shall I say 'Simon Dragon' by Claudio Cimini. First released way back in the 80's by Taito Corporation, Double Dragon was a fantastic beat 'em up game that featured high grade fighting two player fun on many different systems such as the Amstrad, Amiga and C64. But now you too can experience what made Double Dragon so enjoyable, as an unofficial inspiration starring Simone Bonino, an italian famous bodyguard has been released playable in your browser.

This is a beat-em-up game, where you have to punch, kick or just avoid all the bad dudes and obstacles that are giving Simone an hard day of work, trying to protect and bring clients through the way top at Sentimento terrace... Just another party to watch over with professionality for Bonino, nothing more. 

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  1. A neat concept here. Helping ladies across the level and fighting baddies


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