Kung Fu Master - Amiga conversion of a classic Arcade game in dev via Mcgeezer (Very first teaser!)

While many of you are still playing the excellent Arcade conversion of 'Rygar' or the brilliant Arcade conversion of 'Turbo Sprint' on the Amiga, there's another development you might be interested in, although far from finished (first teaser!), and that's Kung Fu Master by Mcgeezer. Yes indeed this game which appeared in the 1980's in the Arcades that was later released on many different systems including the Atari 2600, C64 and other 8bit's, will be coming to the Amiga as a full game by the same dev behind both Rygar and Turbo Sprint.

Mcgeezer "A few days ago after a nice break I started working on arranging the graphics for the game and also doing a performance test to make sure the game can be ported to the A500 (0.5chip + 0.5 slow). I'm pleased to say the game looks very do-able so I'll take it on as it's a nice little project to do. Thomas is a hardware sprite but the flying enemies are constructed from multiple bobs to save on ram and cycles."

Kung Fu Master was announced on Indie Retro News some time ago as a game that was also coming to the Amiga via another homebrew developer called Seko. Sadly while that project now seems dead, it looks like it might be full steam ahead for this creation, as when Mcgeezer sinks his teeth into a game project, it usually ends up sitting on a shelf as a full box gleaming with great box art. So look out for this one, as even though the game was originally released in 1984 by Irem Arcade it is still considered by many as the first real beat 'em up all time.

Links :1) Development 2) Video

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