Josh - A challenging puzzler for the Amstrad CPC by Philippe MOULIN

If you're looking for a new Amstrad game you've come to the right place, as trawling through the cpcwiki forums and thanks to XeNoMoRPH who also sent us a heads up, we've recently been told that as of this week you can download Philippe MOULIN's latest Amstrad CPC game of Josh. A rather interesting Amstrad Puzzler in which you need to not only collect the fruit, but also to clear the game screen of a specific colour of diamonds.

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According to the game description : Between reflection and arcade game, Josh will take you through a wide variety of puzzles, the goal of which is to collect all the diamond fragments in receptacles of the same color to go to the next level. On your way, you will find different objects that will help you accomplish your mission and different enemies that will want to make you lose at all costs. And beware, you only have one try and the slightest mistake will plunge you into infinite nothingness.

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