Pengo - A classic Arcade game from 1982 is not only coming to the 7800, but you can try the demo!

Way back in 1982, Coreland published by Sega released the Arcade game of 'Pengo', A maze like game in which playing as a penguin, you must survive each round by eliminating all Sno-Bees and Sno-Bee eggs with sliding blocks, while optionally lining up the three diamond blocks for a large bonus. Well today's news is pretty interesting for the Atari 7800, as darryl1970 has released a demo of the Arcade conversion which is coming to the Atari 7800 at some point in the near future.

Video Link for Mobile Users

While many of you probably remember the difficulty level of the Arcade and 5200 version, according to the creator, he is not only trying to make a much more balanced conversion, but he is also aiming to have a better delay after Pengo pushes a block or crushes an ice block, as well as unlike the Arcade version, the game doesn't favors the snow-bees as much so it's not brutally unfair. And that's just a short snippet of this conversion but further information can be found linked below.

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