Turbo Tomato - A highly explosive arena battle game available for the Amiga gets a major update!

The first news story of the day and yes it's Amiga related, as we've just been told through twitter, that the previously released super duper deluxe version of a new game called 'Turbo Tomato' has recently got a BIG update adding Difficulty Modes and others new features, and fixing many bugs. Turbo Tomato is a game that was developed by NIVRIG GAMES and published by BITMAP SOFT as a highly-explosive arena battle game with requirements of just an Amiga 500 or an Amiga CD32 and above.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Take control of Turbo and Nitra Tomato in fast, one or two player co-op arcade action gameplay across multiple non-linear worlds packed with power ups, bonus items and increasingly dangerous crazed mutant fruit and vegetables. Survive the darkness that has spread across the garden turning fruit and vegetables into dangerous enemies. You are the hero of this story, flee your home and try to survive the evil that has spread across the land.

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