Llum - A PSP clone of Lumines for the Amstrad CPC by 21bloques

If you have an Amstrad CPC and looking for a challenge to play through this weekend, then thanks to another heads up from our good friend XeNoMoRPH, we've been told that 21bloques has released a new game for the Amstrad called 'LLum'; a high quality yet challenging puzzler in which you need to move large coloured blocks around to match them up for a high score. To coincide with this news, there is a new video of the game which can be viewed below.

Video Link for Mobile Users

According to the creator this is a Lumines clone for the Amstrad in which you need to make a four square by rotating and aligning 2×2 blocks. Squares of one color will be erased when the time line passes over them. The game not only features many challenging levels, comb scores and a stand out soundtrack, but the game was also coded in BASIC with a 8BP library.

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