CyberPunk Alien City - A cyber sci-fi action shooter in dev for the Amiga by Amiten Games

Another Amiga game announcement has just hit our inbox, as we've recently been informed via Saberman through Facebook, that you can now download the latest beta demo for Amiten Games in development Amiga game of 'CyberPunk Alien City'; An action shooter that is not only being created by Johnny Acevedo, but it uses artwork from Luis Zuno, Amos by Francois Lionet, Amos Patched library by Ames666 and works on all Amigas with at least 1MB or 2MB Chip RAM... Although an Amiga 1200 and up is recommended for decent play.

Video Link for Mobile Users

According to Amiten Games : CyberPunk Alien City is not only a work in progress ECS/AGA game for the Amiga Computer, but it features a Dual Playfield with 4 bitplanes per playfield if using AGA, 50hz on stock Amigas, is some kind of space invaders clone with multiple weapons, and finally the developer also says it is a great cyberpunk atmospheric game with awesome graphics from ansimuz. For further information hit the source link below!

Links :1) Source ( DEMO )

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