Paleto Jones - A charming platformer by Mananuk for the Amstrad CPC

If you have an Amstrad CPC and looking for something enjoyable to play through the week ahead, then thanks to a heads up via Saberman and XeNoMoRPH, we've been told that Mananuk has released a brand new game for the Amstrad called 'Paleto Jones'; a high quality yet challenging action platformer in which you need to rescue your uncle kidnapped by an indigenous tribe hidden deep in the jungle. To coincide with this news, some gameplay footage has been shown below!

Video Link for Mobile Users

While the game has been created using the the amazing MK1 ENGINE by the MOJON TWINS, the game features lots of different themed areas, angry enemies such as monkeys and jungle tribes, moving platforms, coin collection, ammo pick ups to replenish your gun supply, a chirpy soundtrack, and sound effects throughout. So yes certainly an enjoyable game every Amstrad owner should play at least once!

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