Mojoni In The Sewer World - Traverse the Sewers and save your friends in this new ZX Spectrum game

Another day and another ZX Spectrum game, as we've recently been informed via Saberman in our inbox, that if you head on over to the website linked below, you can play isaiasdiaz's brand new ZX Spectrum game of 'Mojoni In The Sewer World'; An arcade platformer in which you must traverse through a sewer full of enemies to rescue your friends the mini mojonis. To coincide with this news story, there's a new gameplay trailer for you to view before you play the game.

Video Link for Mobile Users

As noted by the website in regards to the game itself. Suddenly one day Jimmy Jones was in the bathroom and Mojoni was born. You must go through the dangers of the sewers, dodging enemies and save your friends, the mini mojonis. The game features many different enemy types, multiple areas to play through, and finally two versions that are available via itch io with different difficulty levels.

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