Paleto Jones 2 - A challenging platformer by Mananuk is also coming to the Amstrad CPC!

It was only just recently (today in fact!) that we featured Mananuk's brand new ZX Spectrum game of Paleto Jones 2; a high quality yet challenging action platformer in which playing as Paleto Jones, you must find a powerful artifact called Bartolo's. Well if you have an Amstrad CPC and want to get in on the retro fun, we have just found out through XeNoMoRPH's channel, that Mananuk is also aiming to bring that same game over to the Amstrad CPC at some point soon. 

While the game has been created using the the amazing MK1 ENGINE by the MOJON TWINS and the details of the game are again lacking on the website, from what we can tell via the video above. The game features lots of different themed areas, angry enemies such as bats and skeletons, moving platforms, dangerous traps such as spiked pits, sound effects throughout and even music. So yes certainly a game worth looking out for if you like playing enjoyable yet challenging action platformers on your Amstrad CPC.

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