Rowman - Help Rogelio to find the exit of the caves in this new C64 game!

If you love C64 games and fancy something different compared to our usual announcements for this well loved retro computer such as Platformers and Shoot 'em ups, then you'll be pleased to know as thanks to a heads by Per Ola Eriksson, we've been told that if you head on over the itch page linked below. You can download the latest version of Darro99 and team's C64 game of 'Rowman'; A game in which you must help Rogelio to find the exit of the labyrinth of caves!

Help Rogelio to find the exit of the labyrinth of caves in which he has entered looking for the best fish for his dinner. The caves are unstable and rocks are constantly falling from the ceilings. Luckily Rogelio has the power to increase the water level. He can also collect coins and treasures that earn him points and the chance to earn an extra life for every hundred coins collected. Be careful as isn't just the water which fills the caves at an ever increasing rate, but while you are hoping to get out from the exit point, you still have to be careful not to be crushed by those falling rocks.


  • Music: Narcisound
  • Graphics and cover image: Errazking
  • Programming and idea: Darro99

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