Farmiga - A work in progress farming simulator for the Amiga by Tukinem (V.5)

You might like this Amiga news story that's just been sent to us by Saberman early this morning, as we've just been told that the polish developer of Tukinem, is not only working on the Farming simulator for the Amiga called 'Farmiga', but the creator has also released another preview download to take it version v.5. To coincide with this news story Saberman has done another video of the game, but do be aware the bird sound is still incredibly annoying even with this latest update!

While the description is very short, here is what the developer says about the game mentioned above. This is a work in progress Amiga game (very early version) of Farmiga. While this is a simulator of a farm, you can plant or pick vegetables, produce moonshine, place fences, get income to pay tax, shoot a wild boar that appears, and you can also take corn to cow which in return gives you milk. And that's all there is to say so far, so we will let you know how the game progresses in any future articles.

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