50th Anniversary of Atari Pong - Pong50(Amiga), Space Pong(Amiga) and PongClone(C64)

In the 1970's Bushnell and another guy called Alcorn released a Pong prototype at a local bar named Andy Capp's Tavern, yet it wasn't until 1975 and through a long history that Pong actually appeared in our homes, and on my very own Atari 2600. Thankfully others see Pong as a truly great game for its time and still loved to this day, as not only are we celebrating 50 years of the game, but there's also new releases of Pong50 and Space Pong for the Amiga, as well as PongClone for the C64!

Pong50 For Amiga - By Giuseppe Mignogna

Space Pong for Amiga - By Mauro Antonio Radice

PongClone by Emanuele Bonin - Commodore 64

Yes indeed thanks to a triple heads up from our good Saberman, not only can you enjoy three different designs of the game with a choice of the Amiga or C64, but if you remember the classic game of Pong then you know what to expect with the gameplay! Bounce the ball back and forth through the up and down movement of the square bats, if the ball hits the area behind your square bat it's a point to your opponent which continues until one of you loses the game!

Links :1) Pong50(Amiga) 2) Space Pong(Amiga) 3) PongClone(C64)


  1. Corrected my first message just be be precise.
    I am disappointed with the way this is presented. It is not the first time that I noticed the Retro Programmers Inside (RPI) is not mentioned but it is ok to show their games on this portal. Two of the videos above are those of Admins of RPI, plus one of them is that of one of the founders. Yes you mentioned the names but not even a single link to the the group. It is just an advert for Saberman so that he gets more views on Youtube. You even used the image of the Retro Programmers Inside made the Game Jam (and blurred logo) done by the same Admin that you showed above. If you want to fix this you can find all the games and more here - https://rpinside.itch.io/ and the FB group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/RetroProgrammersInside/

    1. Hi there, at the time I wasn't even sure if I was going to feature these games as I don't usually do writing at such a late hour and more especially with the amount of Pong games we receive to write up. Plus the games were sent to me by Saberman and I had to put in my own words about each game. Usually I do one game per article. The image was taken by one of the creators and the reason it is "blurry" is because that is how it was done by them at the time, and my signature used is to stop people botting the site and copying the entire article (We've seen our write ups on Russian scrapper sites).

      I didn't go out of my way to avoid mentioning you, in fact there was no information that I could find at the time there was even a game jam just that it was the " a 50th Anniversary of Atari Pong". At the end of the day all the games got a nice feature, and each one were linked. I'm sure people can find further information... Being a writer can be a thankless task at times and more especially I don't get paid for doing these write ups, I do it because I love the games and the people who created them!

      Rather than slag the writer off, a "PLEASE" goes a long way.

    2. I don't see anything wrong with the write up and I for one am grateful for everything you do - Tom

    3. Might just be a troll account, I'd ignore it

  2. Newer not-like-the-original Pong games. The bat shaking in Pong50 is really bad. Space Pong is terrible as is it. In the C64 Pong Clone the ball ghosting is annoying. I search for an original-like Pong!


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