Creeping Me Out Hex Night - Mixel's Amiga platformer looks better than ever in this new footage!

If you've been following all the developments regarding Mixel's upcoming Amiga platformer of 'Creeping Me Out : Hex Night. A Scorpion Engine created Action/Adventure/Platformer that doesn't just feature complex levels, but a story, enemies, big bosses and dangerous traps. Then you might like this latest news update! As the creator has not only posted a new video of the game, but the footage also gives us a better glimpse at the levels, the sound effects and the deadly weapons at your disposal!

While Creeping Me Out Hex Night has been mentioned many times here on Indie Retro News already being a blend of Turrican, a bit of Castlevania and hints of Addams Family. This latest footage compared to our previous article shows not just new backgrounds and level details, but new weapons, sound effects, different enemy types and more you'll just have to watch the video to see for yourselves. So yes this is one game I can't wait to play when it gets an eventual release.

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  1. This looks awesome, but the sounds are a bit dumb.


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