A.R.T.I - A new take on the classic game of H.E.R.O which is coming soon to the Atari 7800

Sometime back we mentioned the classic game of H.E.R.O, which was first released way back in the 1980's for the Atari 800/2600, ColecoVision, C64, C128, and Sinclair ZX Spectrum, was not only being overhauled for the C64 but was also coming to modern systems as an inspired game called 'Bobby Bombastic'. Well if you've given up waiting for those games, then it might be worth keeping an eye on Muddyfunster's latest offering of A.R.T.I; A port of the classic H.E.R.O which is coming to the Atari 7800 at some point in the near future

In this classic game playing as the member of the Archaeological Rescue Team International. You must search the cave system for wayward Adventurers and Explorers that have got lost deep within the Earths crust. Beware however this wont be an easy task, as not only will you have to deal with bats and spiders, but there's also deadly lava that will end your life very quickly! The game features great graphics, enjoyable game play, and you can download an early work in progress version of the game which is available below.

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  1. This looks really cool. Maybe you could take a look at this 5200 game as well https://atariage.com/forums/topic/336986-rob-n-banks-release-thread/

    1. Just played a bit of the alpha version of Rob 'n' Banks and it is really cool. Thanks for sharing the info.

    2. Wow! Old-school C64 developer here, I loved playing HERO back in the late 1980s - I took one look at this and thought "That looks amazing and very colourful, what were the specs of the 7800?" . I gather it had some tricks up its sleeve, something akin to the Amiga's Copper (Atari's Display Lists). Then, I looked at the 7800 specs... some wizardry there... and the most import thing is, it still looks "fun" to play through my 40-odd-year-old eyes. I hope you finish this, and please ignore the disparaging comments from anyone who doesn't understand the constraints you're working with, you're doing a great job for the sheer love of it!

  2. I have it on cassette in MSX version. It was one of my first games for that home computer.

  3. looks cool, but the BGM hurts my ears! LUL


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