Occult Case Files - A Horror adventure inspired by games such as Shadowgate gets a demo

Great news if you loved games such as Deju Vu, Uninvited or even my personal favorite Shadowgate, as we've just been told through our Game Dev : RetroGaming Facebook group, that Teebowah Games has released an early demo of the dark horror themed game of Occult Case Files; A game in which you play as an amateur occult investigator that is investigating a supposed paranormal spot, where people have vanished into thin air and have never been seen again.

Uninvited and Shadowgate were brilliant horror adventure games that really involved you in the dark story while containing original classic features such as Take, Look, Open, Examine and so on. Items could also be used to solve certain puzzles, just like the typical adventure puzzle solving methods of the present with sometimes the end result of certain death. What makes Occult Case Files stand out and worthy of a buy however, is not only is it inspired by those games, but the added death scenes and creepy music really make this a worthwhile game to play.

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