Automania - A classic C64/ZX Spectrum game appears on the MSX via the MSXdev22

In 1984 Mikro-Gen released a fun but extremely difficult ' Automania ' for the C64 and ZX Spectrum. In this game your task was control Wally Week around a garage collecting car parts to rebuild a car, while also avoiding enemies both stationary and moving in different directions. Well if you remember this fine game back in the day and was hoping it would come to the MSX, will be pleased to know Fregarni has entered his homebrewed MSX version of the game for the MSXdev22 as the 13th entry.

According to the competition description for the game : For this year’s edition of the contest, Spanish developer Fregarni crafted a huge update upon a classic title. Compared to the originals, this port features drastic improvements in both graphics and sound. To be precise, it’s a re-imagining of a game called Automania, also known as Manic Mechanic. Among C64 and ZX Spectrum users, it was a well-known 80s platformer by Mikro-Gen. It’s part of their Wally Week series, that spans 5 titles in total.

Links :1) Website 2) Play Online

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