The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair - A brilliant ZX Spectrum homebrew gets a very hairy remix!

Putting aside the mass Atari XL/XE homebrew spam ;). As we've just come across an update from Lee Stevenson, that the previously released ZX Spectrum game of ' The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair ' by Lee Stevenson, Pedro Pimenta and Andy Green, has been re-released as a remix called 'The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair - A Very Hairy Remix'. A new version of the game which features foul beasts, crazy creatures, and aliens with your path being blocked by cunning, powerful forces beyond your imagination!

According to the website: Mr Hairs a Hair Raising Adventures has taken a twist in the new reimagined Remix of the original and first game in the Series. The game now features not just redesigned screens that most would never of most likely to of seen before, but brand new songs thanks to the very talented Pedro Pimenta, and a generous amount of lives with extra lives spread throughout the game. Seriously if you missed out on the game the first time round, now's your time to play it as it is the best version of the game yet!

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