Der Schraenker 2 - Even more safe cracking goodness for the Atari XL/XE

It was only just yesterday we featured a new game for the Atari XL/XE called 'Der Schraenker'; A game in which playing as a lone thief, you needed to break into a number of safes to find all the loot before moving on to the next ever more difficult level. Well straight onto today's update, as we've also been told that the second game of Der Schraenker 2, has also been entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022 with even more safe cracking goodness!

While the game isn't yet publicly available outside of the ABBUC Software Contest 2022, in this game coded by J Grewe and music by M.L. Webel. You must not only find a number of keys to open the safes to gather the loot, but unlike the first game, in this one you can climb ladders and also shoot at enemies such as ghosts which are haunting a creepy Castle.  And that's pretty much all we know so far, and as such will keep you informed when the game is officially available for download outside of the contest.


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  2. Hello! I was wondering how to contact the web manager. I have some interesting pictures of an Atari XE Replacement Case and Mechanical Keyboard project of mine, and the next weekend will be shown at the Italian Modena Nerd 2022! If you want to write an article I have all steps in pictures. Or wait the next week for the main Facebook pictures! My e-mail is: if you want to contact me.


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