Street Fighter 2 as a *Final* tech demo on the Amiga by NeesoGames

We've featured NeesoGames tech demo of Street Fighter 2 for the Amiga a number of times now, each one showing a "what if" of what Street Fighter 2 would like on the Amiga if it was ported properly. So here we are with another showing via NeesoGames, as he has made available the *Final* tech demo for the Commodore Amiga; A new update with additions such as Shoryuken move and sound to Ryu, more energy, more accurate parallax scrolling values and other bits you'll have to see for yourselves.

This is the final tech demo from NeesoGames, as even though he previously said "he set out to recreate a simple combat for testing purposes using the Scorpion Engine which came out very promising. This is the very final release of this tech demo as no more updates will ever happen as there is no reason to further add content". Still for what has been achieved so far, especially with Scorpion being used to create a *what if* a better Street Fighter 2 was released on the Amiga, we on IndieRetroNews are still very much impressed.

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  1. I don't understand why they don't finish the game. Would also be cool if they made a standalone version for the Amiga. E.g. "Street Fighter A" with content from all parts. So you are not forced to rebuild everything.

  2. It is a pity that it is not finished.

  3. The layered scrolling is nice! For an A500 this is really good.

  4. There's already a game that shows that proper Street Fighter games were possible on the Amiga. It's called 'Fightin' Spirit'. I like the idea of making a new fighting game instead of porting the old old ones. I understand that's not easy to design new characters, moves, stages, sounds, music etc.

    1. Fightin' Spirit doesn't have floor parallax and background parallax.

  5. I think the main issue is the AI logic, for these types of games would be really challenging to implement, more so than platform, or typical side scrolling fighting arcade games. Maybe someday someone could hack port the PC DOS version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo over to the Amiga, like they did with the PC DOS verison of Turrican II for the AGA port.

  6. They won't finish the game because: 1) copyright 2) endless months (years?) of hard working and development that just do not pay. You can't live on enthusiasm and praises alone...


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