Temptations - An Amiga 1200/CD32 port(?) demo of an MSX game released back in 1988

You might like this Amiga news story that's just been sent to us by Saberman this evening, as we've been told that an EAB member of 'S0Y', has released a demo of a work in progress game called 'Temptations'. A game which according to the developer, is a Redpill Amiga conversion of an MSX game that was released way back in 1988 by Topo Soft. To coincide with this news story, Saberman has also done a gameplay video for you to view if you wish to see if the game is any good before downloading the demo.

Here is what the creator says about this new demo released today : "Temptations is a video game developed by Luis López Navarro and published by Topo Soft in 1988 exclusively for MSX. Unfortunately, it was never ported to the Commodore Amiga, the mythical computer that ruled the 16-bit market. After so many years, the time has come for Commodore Amiga users to enjoy what is considered by many to be one of the best video games made on MSX in the history of Spanish software.

"The instructions for the original game read as follows: “The first MSX program to take full advantage of the graphical capabilities of this amazing machine. TEMPTATIONS, the most original sin since Adam and Eve. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO PLAY IT.”

"I have made the game with RedPill, based on the graphic set of the Android version of nenefranz (improving and adding some new ones), and adding new animations. Some sounds are also taken from that version. The music is completely original on CD-Audio tracks. I have made it based on the "feeling" of the MSX version, which is the one I know best, implementing the movements and "timings" of the enemies as accurately as possible, so that the sensation/game experience is as close as possible to that version".

"This version is exclusively in Spanish, and only the download of the DEMO in ADF and the ISO in .bin format for Amiga CD32 will be available for now. The rest of the full versions (WHDLoad, normal hard drive, etc.) will be available in the physical version when the game is completed, if it is ever made".

Links :1) Discussion 2) Website  3) Demo


  1. Saberman, when making the video you notice that the game does not work well for you. What configuration or emulation did you use? It works perfectly for me on a stock A1200, not like in your video... I've even tried it on WinUAE with a standard configuration, and it works fine too...

  2. Nice but this could easily play on a simple Amiga500..

    1. Do it yourself from your sofa xD

    2. It does look like a 1988 game, no reason why it shouldn't run on the a500


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