Street Fighter 2 as a tech demo on the Amiga by NeesoGames with a NEW parallax update

We've featured Street Fighter for the Amiga a number of times now, each one showing a "what if" of what Street Fighter 2 would like on the Amiga if it was ported properly, for example one person is quoted as saying for the original Street Fighter 2 as "Shockingly Bad". So here we are with another showing, but unlike the other ones we've featured previously, this one is a downloadable 20/10/2022  tech demo which can be downloaded thanks to our good friend NeesoGames!

This too looks like a non completable project as NeesoGames are quoted as saying in brief "We attempted to recreate a simple combat for testing purposes using the Scorpion Engine and it came out very promising. Even thou there is no intention to continue working on it, here's a new tech demo to celebrate 1 year after the previous release with the following changes: Screen mode changed to EHB allowing perfect sprite coloring, background replaced with the SNES version (more accurate proportions), a new copper sky, an optimized panels palettes, and optimized sounds".

20/10/2022 UPDATE : 

A promise is a promise. SF2 Tech Demo for #Amiga, made with #ScorpionEngine now has 3 layers of parallax scrolling on the floor and a bit also on the temple roof. Also added Ken following player backwards, signs and better shadows. Grab it here and enjoy!

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  1. Excellent demo!.. a tiny suggestion...remove the shadow when the sprite jumps

    1. I dunno If they reuploaded adifferent video, but the one I'm seeing , the shadows DO disappear when they jump

    2. The shadows only disappear when you jump straight up. Theyre there at other times.

    3. No, they do not. It's the jumping punch that has shadow. Check at 0:59

  2. amazing... just think of what could of been.


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