Capacitor's Revenge - Blasting Caps in this new Commodore Amiga game from PixelPlop

Even though Indie Retro News has been flooded with new game updates from the Amiga Blitz Basic Game Jam, we have another Amiga news story to share with you all! As if you want to play something rather unique that is still in development, then make sure to check out PixelPlop's latest game of 'Capacitor's Revenge'; A new Amiga game in which you need to stop all the nasty Caps from hurting your 68000 CPU! In light of this news Saberman has done a video of this crazy game that as always can be watched below.

Yes indeed welcome to another Amiga Blitz Basic Game Jam entry, an Arcade blasting Amiga shooter, with the aim of the game to not only stop bad Capacitors who are out for revenge, but you have a limited amount of lives to do so and you are also competing against another player for a high score spot. So yes if you want to play something different today, make sure to check out PixelPlop's latest in development game of 'Capacitor's Revenge'.

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  1. Hey thanks for all the hard work! You had a busy, busy day with write-ups and youtube.

  2. The BBC Micro had the original back in 1983 but it was only one player though.

    Nearly 40 years in the making, better late than never!

  3. Yes, this is a remake of transistor's revenge. Looks good from the video though


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