Retro Virtual Machine v2.1.0 - A feature packed emulator for Windows, MacOs and Linux

For those of you who have followed Indie Retro News throughout the years, you have probably noticed that we mainly feature retro games and PC(Windows) based news. But today I was contacted about a brand new emulator update for Windows, MacOs and Linux, that had some rather interesting features which could make it one of the best emulators to be used at home your PC. The emulator I'm going to mention is ' Retro Virtual Machine ' which is currently at version 2.1.0.

Now as a PC Windows user and writing about the latest games on Indie Retro News, I do have a multitude of emulators at hand just incase I need to test one out. But this latest all round emulation set up however, certainly looks impressive. Not only is it capable of running lots of different machines in parallel, with each machine having its own tape recorder or cart image, capable of playing and recording virtual tapes in different formats (tape). But as noted by the website it has new graphical effects, drag and drop files, supports the MSX-1 system in both PAL and NTSC versions, the SG-1000 console, the Sega Master System, the Colecovision, and many others.

RetroVM v2.1.0 (30/12/2022) 

New machines

  • Amstrad CPC
  • Amstrad CPC 464 Plus
  • Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus
  • Amstrad GX-4000
  • ZX Spectrum
  • ZX Spectrum 48k NTSC
  • ZX Spectrum Pentagon
  • Microdigital TK-90X
  • Microdigital TK-95
  • MSX-1
  • Toshiba HX-10P
  • Toshiba HX-10S
  • Toshiba HX-10D
  • Colecovision
  • Colecovision PAL
  • Colecovision NTSC
  • Sega SG-1000
  • Sega SG-1000
  • Sega Master System
  • Master System 1 + FM Japanesse
  • Master System 1 NTSC
  • Master System 1 PAL
  • Master System 2 NTSC
  • Master System 2 PAL
  • New chips emulated
  • Texas Instruments TMS9918
  • Sega Master System VDP
  • Texas Instruments SN76489 (PSG)
  • Yamaha YM2413
  • Western Digital FD1793
  • Amstrad ASIC
New Features
  • MacOs Version universal (Intel / Apple Silicon)
  • App optimized to work on HiDPI displays (4k, retina display) on MacOs, Windows and Linux
  • Tape counter
  • Zip files support and zip with multiples files support
  • New overlay effect
  • New LCD on the overlay
  • New blur background effect
  • Keyboard support for joystick emulation
  • New audio engine using miniaudio
  • The app no longer uses SDL
  • Rewrited from scratch Amstrad CPC emulation, significantly faster
  • CRTC-0 and CRTC-1 Selectable in Amstrad CPC machines
  • ESXDOS Rom selectable in divmmc and zxuno
  • Support for changing internal ROMs in ZX Spectrum machines
  • Improved effects on the audio panel
  • New machine icons and flags
  • Reducd input lag
  • Reduced frame tearing

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  1. Finally!! I am using that emulator for years and years and years and I was waiting for a new version of it!

    1. It's really good, I'm playing Shadows of Sergoth on the Amstrad on it and the the CRT screen effects are great!

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  3. is anyone else getting a waving line down all of the emulators?

    1. That is a feature! Go into the video section and adjust them.

    2. thank you, for anyone else wanting to know it is the beam intensity at the bottom of the screen settings

  4. Does this run OK on the Steam Deck?

  5. I am a user and have always been impressed. The UI is great. But it was limited to just Specie and Amstrad. What a great expansion.

  6. Erm. I just grabbed this but only see Amstrad, MSX, Sega, Coleco and Spectrum - is that correct?

    1. That's correct! The list above looks like a bunch of different systems (and it is), but they are all different models of the 5 you have listed (E.g. the Toshiba HX-10P is an MSX).

  7. Aye, this emulator is ace. Well polished presentation too.

  8. What a gift for New year eve's ! That emulator is the best on Linux in terms of features and stability for Amstrad CPC. What was missing was joystick emulation but no more !

  9. very well done, thank you!!

  10. Good evening everyone. Is there anyone knows if there is documentation about the emulator (for example shorcuts) please? I can't find it. Thank you.

  11. Hi all, is there a Tutorial to get this running for Amstrad i really want to use this computer , I want to start with this one and work my way down the line learning the Retro computers we never got here in the states. this Emualtor looks Great, need help with setup, keyboard. I am using a Dell laptop with windows 11 on it.

  12. Hi , is there any tutorial out there to help get this running on my windows 11 laptop. i have .dsk format Amstrad CPC games and have no idea how to setup and run the emulator with either keyboard support or game pad. kind of a noob thanks


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