The Two Rogues! - A maze like puzzle game released for the Plus/4 by Olivér Orosz.

We haven't finished with the Plus/4 news just yet, as looking through the Plus/4 World website, we've also come across a new game called 'The Two Rogues' by Olivér Orosz. While the previous game of Stick Man is an Arcade Platformer, this looks to be a maze like puzzle game in which you need to help two rogues collect treasure throughout a number of cellars. In light of this news, just as in the other release we mentioned, we have a new gameplay video of the game below.

As ever here's the website's description of this new game "Another entry for the game dev compo: A Két Zsivány (The Two Rogues). It's the author's first game. Your task is the two guide two rogues (János and Mátyás, or John and Matthias if you will) through a series of cellars, and collect all the treasure. The unique twist is that you control (and must keep safe) both characters, and must switch between them back and forth with space".

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