Soko64 - A new Commodore 64 game based on the puzzler Sokoban

Thanks to another heads up from a good friend of ours , we've been told that if you're looking for something different to play that requires a lot of thinking about your next move, then it might be worth checking out Emanuele Feronato's latest game of 'Soko64'. A new Commodore 64 game which the creator says is based on the puzzle game Sokoban. While I'm not a fan of puzzle games myself, Saberman has provided a video below showing a small walkthrough of Soko64.

Here is the description of the game by Emanuele "Sokoban is a famous puzzle game designed in 1981 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, and first published in December 1982. You have to place all crates over the targets, by pushing them. This C64 version includes 64 8x8 tricky levels by David Skinner. All levels are unlocked from the beginning, for you to try them all. Solved levels will be marked with green".

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  1. I like it very much, sadly no background sound or melody

    1. Yeah, I did not find a way to add tunes with ugBasic

    2. What about using LOAD MUSIC and MUSIC commands? They seem to convert and play MIDI tunes.

  2. I recognized tha author - he made Flash games in the 00s and had a great Flash game programming website. He's still at it and the BASIC listing of the game can be found there

  3. Hi! I had high expectations on this game. Sounded so fun. Now I'm no Einstein, I know that but with that said, how long have any of you guys made it to so far? I'm only completed just above 10% of the levels and now I'm stuck. I really need some help to understand how to proceed in this game.


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