Wrong Way Back - An Escape room game released for the Amiga CD32

If you fancy loading up a bit of horror this weekend, then make sure to check out the latest Amiga CD32 release of 'Wrong Way Back' by Locked Door Puzzle. A new game, in which the creator says "is about a woman trapped in a strange room trying to find her way home". To coincide with this Amiga news update, Saberman has done a video showing a small walkthrough of the game and you can even check out the game through the creators itch io web page.

According to the game description "Although Wrong Way Back was developed using AMOS Professional, which is a simple game dev software for the Amiga. This game was made as an experiment in Amiga CD32 development and will need to either be burned to CD-R to be played on a real machine or used with an Amiga emulator with CD32 BIOS ROMs. Furthermore, if you're trying to use a standard Amiga you will need a game pad with 2 buttons" .

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  1. Super ! Endlich mal wieder ein CD32 Spiel.


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