Castlevania is coming to the Sega Master System and here's some cool footage!

Castlevania has been featured many times on Indie Retro News, from Castlevania Spectral Interlude and Vampire Slayer Demo on the ZX Spectrum, to Castlevania VBXE on the Atari XL/XE(VBXE). But here's another update you might like to know about if you love this classic game. As we have been told that Xfixium, who is also behind the Golden Axe Tyris Edition, is working on bringing Castlevania over to the Sega Master System! In light of this news, we have some footage of the game and further info from Xfixium and Louis The Sega Nerd who is doing the audio.

Here is what Xfixium says about Castlevania for the SMS : "Work in progress topic for a Sega Master System port of Castlevania. Focus of the project will try to be as true to the Nes version of Castlevania, but using as much of the Castlevania Chronicles aesthetic as possible. I may introduce elements of SOTN as well, depending how they fit. Very early stages at this point. Only some basic things put together, but we look forward to working on this title. Also, many many thanks to Louis The Sega Nerd ( for their audio talents".

And there you have it, for more information please visit the forum located (here)


  1. NIce! Also, a very cool Castlevania fan game dropped yesterday. Download in the description:

  2. Looks beautiful, color palette stands out

  3. Gorgeous color palette


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