DECODER - A new cartridge music game album by Remute for the Sega Genesis

Something slightly different from our usual write ups, as thanks to Remute who contacted us just recently, he has told us of a new album you should check out for your Sega Megadrive/Genesis called DECODER. As in the words of Remute "After releasing music albums as game cartridges for the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and Gameboy consoles, Remute is kicking off 2023 with an ambitious, longtime dream project: A Sega Genesis adaption of the German counter-cultural cyberpunk cult movie Decoder"

Furthermore as noted by the email we received yesterday "Decoder, released in 1984 and conceived by german filmmaker Klaus Maeck, is roughly based on writings of William S. Burroughs and tells us about a dystopian society ruled by the 'WORLD' corporation who controls the population with hypnotic sounds called 'Muzak'. But there's FM, a clever dissident, who discovers that by decoding the Muzak, riots and revolution against the looming power of WORLD can be incited". 

"Remute's 'musical visual novel' adaption comes exclusively as a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive cartridge and let's you deeply dive into the thrilling story of Decoder while listening to Remute's brand new electro soundtrack generated in real time by the console's soundchip! For this project Remute teamed up with coder Kabuto and graphic artist Alien who both previously worked with him for his acclaimed cartridge albums Technoptimistic and Living Electronics".

  • Decoder can be pre-ordered now for 34.99 € via Remute's Bandcamp page and will get shipped on March 29th 2023. You can also grab a very limited 'Plus Edition' for 44.99 € which contains an addtional 7" vinyl featuring a brandnew vinyl exclusive 'Jaeger Mix' of the Decoder Theme besides the original version. This 7" vinyl will be available only within this edition. 
  • The cartridge is region-free and will work well and with correct speed on PAL and NTSC models of the console. Listening on a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Model 1 is highly recommended, but Model 2 also works - Model 3 and Sega Nomad too. Will also work very well on FPGA-based solutions like Analogue's Mega SG. It will not work properly on the majority of clone consoles based on emulation.

Links :1) Trailer 2) Preorder


  1. This looks very cool. I picked up Remute's 'Technoptimistic' Sega Genesis cart album back in 2019. Innovative artist for sure.

  2. Thanks for this news. It's retro, it's indie, a cool attempt to give new life to never old countercultural movements.

  3. Fantastic, i remember this movie! FM Einheit from Einstuerzende Neubauten and
    Genesis P-Orridge amongst others...

  4. Will there be a digital download available?


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