Creeping Me Out Hex Night - Upcoming Amiga 1200/CD32 platformer by Mixelslab gets a new A1200 Demo!

If you've been following all the developments regarding Mixel's upcoming Amiga platformer of 'Creeping Me Out : Hex Night. A Scorpion Engine created Platformer that doesn't just feature complex levels, but a story, enemies, big bosses and dangerous traps. Then you might like this latest update that's been sent to us by Saberman! As the creator has just released a new demo which he says features much better game performance and is now working on A1200s with no fast RAM.

While Creeping Me Out Hex Night has been mentioned many times here on Indie Retro News already being a blend of Turrican, a bit of Castlevania and hints of Addams Family. This latest footage compared to our previous article shows not just new level details, but new weapons to shoot with, sound effects, different enemy types and more you'll just have to experience via the demo. So yes this is one game I can't wait to play when it gets an eventual release....Hopefully this year? ;)

Features Of CMO Hex Night... (when it’s complete, subject to change..)

  • Multiple playable characters with differing skills.
  • Password and save game support.
  • EHB (64 main colours) graphics with heavy use of copper effects (hundreds of colours on screen!) - without AGA.
  • Huge campaign, hours of gameplay.
  • A quirky cast of characters with dialogue who'll help and hinder your progress.
  • Smooth 50hz performance (high spec build)
  • Weapon upgrades.
  • Hidden paths and puzzles.
  • Huge bosses.

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