EVIL DUNGEON - An RPG-based Fantasy Adventure for the C64 by RetroArts

Here's a great way to spend a Friday and throughout the weekend, as RetroArts have just made available for free their Commodore 64 game of 'EVIL DUNGEON'; An RPG-based Fantasy Adventure for the C64 which is also available as a handcrafted physical collectors edition for 15€ + shipping. To coincide with this news, as ever Saberman has done a video of the game which can be watched below.

Here is what the website says about the game "Today, the free digital download version of EVIL DUNGEON is available for all C64 retro nerds out there in either English or German. EVIL DUNGEON is a BASIC programmed RPG-based Fantasy adventure. The story of Alrik, a young adventurer who has to master his first quest. Fight against monsters, search for treasures and plan your next steps to escape the EVIL DUNGEON labyrinth".

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  1. I am checking this website daily and always I find something interesting. I cant thank you enough for your hard work on it. Game looks cool, no reason to not check it out :)

  2. I absolutely love BASIC, and thoroughly enjoy seeing how people cope with it's limitations. Looking forward to playing this!

  3. This game looks really fun. Reminds me of something I would have typed in from a Computes Gazette or RUN magazine and would have really enjoyed!!


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