The Brush Brothers - Fast paced painting game released for the Amstrad CPC

Something slightly different for this evening, as we've just been contacted by a good friend of ours through Facebook, that as of just recently you can download the latest release of The Brush Brothers for the Amstrad CPC by 21bloques. A new game in which you must rapidly traverse each of the many levels, painting all the platformers while also avoiding deadly enemies. In light of this news, you can check out the latest footage of the game by Saberman!

As ever, here's the website description and story of The Brush Brothers "The brothers Carmelo and Gloria are two house painters who work in a small painting company. Although their job is not very exciting, the brothers enjoy painting and are always looking for ways to improve their technique. One day, while they were painting the street in front of their workshop, they found a strange pot of paint that seemed to have magical properties. Without thinking twice, they decided to test it on a small section of the street, and to their surprise, the paint began to shine and sparkle". 

"Approaching to examine it, they were suddenly sucked into a strange portal that led them to an unknown world. There, they discovered that the magical painting they had found was actually the key to escape from that world. In order to use magic paint and move to the next level, the brothers have to paint the entire floor of the level. However, there are several enemies that will try to prevent you from completing your mission".

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  1. Very nice and playable, good work, i'll play for same time. From Vito Italian '69 amstrad lover.


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