PET Panic! - A new game makes an appearance for the Commodore PET by Jimbo!

Fancy a new game for the Commodore PET, then read on! As thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours on Facebook, we've learnt of a new game that you can play right now called 'PET Panic!' by Jimbo; a new platformer for the Commodore PET in which the creator says in an updated version of the classic game of Space Panic (Apple Panic). In light of this news update there's a video of the game which as ever can be viewed below.

Here is what the website says about this new game "The arcade game Space Panic was the first "platformer" game, and it inspired more popular games of the time such as Lode Runner and Donkey Kong. There were many different versions of Space Panic on the original 8-bit machines, including Apple Panic which won a number of game awards. This is an updated version for the Commodore PET."

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