Baby-man Vs Man-baby ZX - A challenging Arcade shooter for the ZX Spectrum by PuttyCAD

Another retro gaming news story for you all, and one I think it might be worth a load up on your home speccy even at this late hour, is the latest ZX Spectrum game release of 'Baby-man Vs Man-baby ZX' by PuttyCAD. A new game in which playing as an under-cover baby called Walter "pee-pee" Kay, you must put a stop to a terrible tantrumming tyrant. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a new video of the game which as always can be viewed below.

Here is what the website says about this new game by PuttyCAD "Our Hero Henry McMannish-man has been transformed into an under-cover baby called Walter "pee-pee" Kay and sent back through time to deal with a terrible tantrumming tyrant to try to get him to change his ways before he becomes the man he is today.  Armed with a supa soaka filled with Professor Plumbob's patented MOOD MASH, you must take on the tiny terror and his bully baby friends and give them a good squirting. The mood mash will flush out their horrible habits and restore peace!"

Links :1) Website $1.99 USD

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