Galaxian arrives on the Plus/4 as a great conversion by Gaia and Csabo

Galaxian has appeared on Indie Retro News a number times over the years, especially as it is one particular Arcade classic that homebrew developers love making clones of with special effects and bonus power ups added. Well this time we are going back to the original hit from 1979-1984, as Gaia and Csabo have yanked the retro shoot em up classic over to the Plus/4 with all the nostalgia intact such as the sound effects and animated enemy waves.

As it was thanks to Plus/4 World who originally announced the release, here's what they said from their own website in brief. " During the haydays of the Home Computer era, the ports of popular arcade games was a big business, so it was no wonder that Atarisoft also jumped into the bandwagon by publishing Galaxian for the Commodore 64. Galaxian is a classic arcade game released originally in 1979. It was Namco's answer to the immensely popular classic, Space Invaders by Taito, but it could only reach a decent second place in popularity behind that.

"Galaxian spawned many ports and conversions, the Commodore 64 version was written by Bill Bogenreif (of Designer Software). Interestingly, his company is still around today but it's no longer publishing video games. The game was originally released as a cartridge".

"Although the title screen suggests 1983 as release year, the hidden text around the memory address $9DF0 tells a different story: the game was apparently finished and released in 1984 only, during the final days of Atarisoft. Despite the very capable hardware and some unused code chunks, the Commodore 64 port does not use any HW sprites at all, everything runs in multicolor bitmap mode, which made a plus/4 port quite straightforward. Admittedly, the game is quite rough around the edges, has a meager 6.1 score at Lemon64, but it has some of that genuine old-school touch that newer games don't and some folks do appreciate to this day"

Make sure to check out Arlasoft's amazing Galaxian DX on the C64 linked (HERE)

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  1. Well done port to the system!

  2. Which is the fire button on PC keyboard?


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