Hibernaculum - This sci-fi horror dungeon crawler looks bloody awesome!

I've always been a fan of the dungeon crawler, there's something to be said about moving through a dark underground passage, looking for loot, avoiding traps and fighting the many beasts that lurk within. In actual fact I'm more inclined to play an old retro first person grid based crawler than any top down modern one that's released today. And on that note, here's a dungeon crawler you should be keeping an eye on, and it's Wormwood Studios in development sci-fi horror dungeon crawler of Hibernaculum.

According to Wormwood Studios, while Hibernaculum is initially inspired by pre 1990's era science fiction/speculative fiction novels, notably Robert Heinlein's Orphans of the Sky and Brian Aldiss' Helliconia series, among many others. The idea behind the game is to revisit the dungeon crawling experience of games such the Eye of the Beholder & Lands of Lore first and foremost, while secondarily blending in the gloomy shock of Horrorsoft's Elvira & Waxworks series and a mix of other notable titles such as System Shock 2 and Resident Evil 2.

If that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, the main game features first person sci-fi/horror with survival horror roots, unique character creation to explore the Hibernaculum & have the experience you want to have, non-linear gameplay allowing for exploration at your own pace, decayed industrial Realms through environmental storytelling and a unique, brooding atmosphere, and so much more you'll just have to see for yourselves via the Kickstarter link below. Seriously if Hibernaculum  really is a nod to all the classics mentioned above, it certainly has my attention!
  • Hibernaculum is being developed in C++ for PC (Windows) Mac & Linux with immediate plans for porting to Steam Deck, iOS & Nintendo Switch.
  • Hibernaculum will initially be available in English, German, French & Spanish.
  • Hibernaculum will be released DRM-free & available on Steam + GoG.
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  1. bueno gfx, derelict ship, bloody non functional videoplayer.

  2. This looks disgusting and vile. I love it.

  3. Why is this game being posted here, though? It's clearly a modern game for modern consoles.

    1. Indie game dude, with retro gaming throwbacks! :)

    2. Retro Graphics + Retro Interface + Retro movement

  4. I love new-retro games. I like this blog featuring them!

  5. Yeah, feature them. Sod the haters!

  6. Oh wow. This is must play. Absolutely beautiful graphics.


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