Planet B - A 16bit procedural roguelike rpg for the Sega Mega Drive that might be worth keeping an eye on!

If you're looking for some cool Sega Mega Drive or Genesis news then you've come to the right place! As we've recently come across a new game that I think many will be looking forward to, and that's the in-development game of 'Planet B'; A 16bit procedural roguelike rpg which promises randomly generated content and so much more. In light of this news, we have a brand new teaser trailer to show you from the game, with development by Fabrice Fernandez, Hieu-Khai Bui-Quang and Emmanuel Rousseau.

Here is what was said about the game from the video description which can be viewed above. "Planet B is a roguelike with randomly generated content. Collect dungeons, items and story elements to live the end of time in a pre-apocalyptic world, alone, connected via the game console of the future...Available in an Overrated Future for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and compatibles in the near future". And that's all we have on the game so far, so keep an eye on IndieRetroNews for any new developments.


  1. It looks really cool but those screen to screen transitions and green background, meh!

  2. Bleah !! Tutto cio' che ha a che fare con il procedurale....fa REALMENTE SCHIFO !!!
    Preferisco di gran lunga una trama lunga non lineare e pieno di sorprese senza spoilers !!!!!
    Come i VERI videogiochi di "una volta"

  3. Concordo pienamente ...questi videogames rouguelike con combattimenti insensati solo per essere il piĆ¹ forte e inneggiare alla violenza insensata ,che si ripercuote nella realta dei giovani d'oggi ,non piace ...quanto era bello quanto nei vecchi giochi c'era un obbiettivo positivo ,un salvataggio e una trama retrogaming vuole imitare i videogiochi moderni ma secondo me sbalgia di grosso.

  4. Heat wave in the intro, looks cool. Got to see more of this procedural generated game.

  5. Love to play a new roguelike on my Genesis! Looks excellent.


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